To order, see disassembled or see solution, click on the puzzle picture.

The color boxes below each puzzle name shows how easy or hard that puzzle is to take apart and put together.
The left color box is for taking the puzzle apart. The right color box is for putting the puzzle together.
Perplexing Pyramid Wood Puzzle Fluster Flower wood puzzle Three Piece Burr Wood Puzzle
Perplexing Pyramid Fluster Flower Triple Trouble
Major Headache wood puzzle Table and Chairs Wood Puzzle Overlap Trap wood puzzle
Major Headache Tables And Chairs Ovelap Trap
Boxed Ball Wood Puzzle Four Cornered wood puzzle Mental Meltdown wood puzzle
Boxed Ball Four Cornered Mental Meltdown
H-Bomb wood puzzle Crazy Cubes wood puzzle Mega Star wood puzzle
H-Bomb Crazy Cubes Mega Star
Pegged Burr Wood Puzzle Global Distress Wood Puzzle No Hope Gyroscope wood puzzle
Pegged Burr Global Distress No Hope Gyroscope
Two Puzzles In One Wood Puzzle Pegged Ball Wood Puzzle Log Jam Wood Puzzle
Two Puzzles In One Pegged Ball Log Jam
Rosebud Revenge Wood Puzzle Sinister Snowflake Wood puzzle Pegged Cube Wood Puzzle
Rosebud Revenge Sinister Snowflake Pegged Cube
Starburst Wood Puzzle Stick Stack Wood Puzzle Insanity Sandwich Wood Puzzle
Starburst Stick Stack Insanity Sandwhich
Belgian Waffle Wood Puzzle Pegged Gears Wood Puzzle 700 Puzzles In One Wood Puzzle
Belgian Waffle Pegged Gears 700 Puzzles In One
X & O wood puzzle Dark Star wood puzzle  
X & O Dark Star